FCS Fins

SUP Lopez PC Tri-Quad Set € 149,-

Signature tri-quad set designed by Jerry Lopez. Customise your board by switching between a quad and a thruster. Offers great response and manoeuvrability for large surf craft. Ideal for SUP’s and performance longboards, centre fin fits a fin box, quad rears have 50/50 foil.

FCS Weed Racing 10” € 110,-

Ideal for straight-line flat water and open ocean paddling

  • Stiff and lightweight carbon skin UL construction
  • Severe sweep angle easily sheds weed
  • Promotes higher single-side stroke frequency
  • Includes FCS Smart Screw

Longboard Box Adapter € 27,50

Adapter allows you to change from a traditional longboard fin to a FCS thruster set up in seconds, perfect for loosening up your longboard. The adapter is adjustable for deeper longboard boxes.


FCS VS Knubster € 20,-

Developed by Sean Mattison for Von Sol surfboards, the FCS VS KNUBSTER is essentially a centre fin that can be added to any quad set-up. More drive and hold in a quad fin set-up.



nubster on final 125

PC-5 Blue/Clear Longboard Centre € 39,-

PC-5 centre fin template designed to fit into a single fin box allowing surfers to convert a traditional 2 + 1 longboard set up into a more contemporary thruster configuration.



Fluid Foils Ezi Trim 7.75 Smoke € 79,-

Ideal fin for high performance longboarding. Noticeably improves nose riding and adds manoeuvrability at high speeds. The notch enhances the flex in the tip allowing the fin to release easily during tight arc turns.


Fluid Foils Fatboy 10 Smoke € 89,-

Designed for on-rail performance and nose riding. The unique foil and bulb-like tip holds the tail of the board in the water substantially more than a conventional fin due to hydrodynamic water resistance.


 Fluid Foils Hatchet 10 Smoke € 90,-

Well suited to old style mals with soft rolled tail edges and modern nose-rider mals. The large surface area and upright shape provides added drive, promotes a longer turning arc, and helps hold the tail in when nose riding.