Scarfini Fin

Hi Performance, Handmade, Fibre Glass, Honeycomb Foam Core, Bamboo, Hydrodynamic Surfboard Fins. Glass-on Fixed Surfboard Fins and adaptable for FCS and Futures Fin System. Fish Surfboard Fins, Quad Surfboard Fins and Longboard fins. Check:

Bijv de HX 3 beschikbaar in Thruster of Quad.

Of tri-fin Bamboo set.

Bamboo is an excellent natural material for it’s lightness, hardness and strength with a greater flex memory. This special properties give to the fins a unique feel which replicate the solid fibreglass fins flex but reduce their weight. Bamboo is also known to be one of the most important natures substitute for the endangered rainforest hardwood for it’s quick-growing, versatile and non-timber product.

Download de Scarfini catalogus:

HX1 (Tri) € 74,- HX3 (Tri) € 74,-

HX1 (Quad) € 89,- HX3 (Quad) € 89,-

Tri Fin Bamboo € 89,-
Prijs is per set van 3 of 4 vinnen en INCL VERZENDING (Benelux)

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