One Inflatable SUP GONG Couine Marie 12’6 Race M+ Three piece paddle + one Leash.

Bought as a Pack= reduction in transport costs!!

This package is also available with the 2 other sizes of Couine Marie 12’6 Race (S and L) and with the Pink one, if your’re interested, feel free to contact me by email

Board equipment already included :

  • 1 Fin.
  • 1 double action pump.
  • 1 transport pack capable of storing all pieces of Pack.
  • 1 repair kit.

PACK GONG CM RACING €775,- voor meer info en beschikbaarheid

Let op! Excl. €40,- (isup)/ €70,- (hard sup) Transportkosten  naar NL/BE/DUI/etc. Prijs wijzigingen voorbehouden. Voor actuele prijzen contact