How too take off on a Short-Sup

The shortSUP take off technic is not different than on a regular SUP. But it is way much more accurate. The small rocker lenght makes it very tricky. Remember that you are slower than a regular long SUP.

You have to do everything very smooth and carefully. The goal is to keep the rocker of the board perfectly parallele to the surface of the water. Paddling very strong is not the solution. If you have to paddle strong, it means you were not well located at the peak. To avoid the exces of the row effect, you just need experience, no more. It comes after each new session. It is all about the way you transfer the energy from the top of your body to your feet.What you have to do :

  • take a little of speed long time before the wave comes. Don’t start to paddle when the wave is under your board.
  • add some space between your feet, on the front axxis AND on the width axxis.
  • don’t paddle too strong.
  • be exactly at the peak.
  • use the J stroke trick to minimise the row effect.
  • don’t do too much numerous strockes. Doing it means you were too far from the beach.
  • watch the spot and anticipate to be well located at the peak.
  • drive the board with your feet to put it where you want it to go.
  • remember that the water must glide along your fins to make them efficient. The faster you are the less row effect you have. Paddling late is the best way to make a great spin and loose the wave.
  • keep your breast as much parallele to the deck of the board as you can to keep margin on your balance.
  • bend your knees.
  • avoid all the parasites moves on your body and on the board.
  • remember the sequency : 1/ take some speed 2/ turn the board on the right direction to take the wave (don’t forget the row) 3/ accelerate and lets go.