De zeer succesvolle MOB shapes uit de 2017 Pro line zijn nu ook beschikbaar in de voor 2018 nieuwe WoodCarbonKevlarFusion constructie.
4 Mob modellen in 3 kleuren beschikbaar Kies het volume wat het best bij jou past:

  • 7’2 105 Liter
  • 7’6 120 Liter
  • 8’3 140 Liter
  • 8’6 155 Liter

€749,- Excl. €70,- verzendkosten Fr>Nl/Be/Dui/Etc.
Meer info en/of bestellen via sales@supsurfing.nl

Onderstaand een detail beschrijving van de MOB 7’6

Function :
Rip it up on small and medium waves on a compact and explosive board.
Introduction :
The MOB Pro 7’2, 7’6 et 8’3  are a variation of the same shape with different volumes, lengths, widths to adapt to the needs of all rider sizes and skill levels. You can take a size that is made to suit your weight or go a little bigger to insure more riding comfort.
The MOB shape is the CLOUD hopped up on steroids : boards made for all conditions and extremely efficient on mushy/average waves..
These are boards designed for shredding (rollers, cutbacks, 360°s) in mushy, windy, choppy waves.
The MOBs are stable and ideal for those mediocre conditions that we find so often; currents, chop, wind with the  MOB= no problemo amigo.
The MOB 7’6 is an easy board for her size. Ideal for a surfer between 70 kg and 90 kg, also conviniant up to 85 kg for a rider with experience, and she’s accessible to SUPers with a competant skill level under 70 kg.
She’s a blast while paddling with her quick rocker, the lifted nose permits cutting through waves easily and she remains stable while waiting.
While surfing she can take off quite early considering her size. She performs fantastically thanks to her heightend natural acceleration. A Pro is going to be your rocket for those soft, mushy days. A competent rider is going to adore the instant speed.  An incredibly versatile board, and at ease with turns and tricks, perfect in mushy waves or shifty waves.
The pressure points are dispersed equally on the deck contrary to narrower boards that require 80% of your weight on the front leg. Hence the pressure points are easier to access for a novice on the CLOUD. The width at the tail procures you sufficient stability and enough power to shred mushier waves, all while requiring less technique than narrow boards.
Most explosive on less powerful waves and that’s the finest quality of the MOB.
Ideal Waves :
• Size : knee high to overhead.
• Strength : at her best in small to average waves.
• Type :  great all around board even in choppy and windy conditions.
Stability :
• Less than 75 kg : easy.
• 75 kg to 95 kg : perfect.
• More than 95 kg : no no no.
• Weight maximum : 110 kg.
• Skill minimum : proficient and/or light weight SUPer.
Shape :
• Rocker : intermidiate between a short and longboard : exceptional maneuverability and speed in small waves.
• Rails : Thin and soft for that real surf feeling.
• Volume : generous without excess : early take offs and great performance in smaller/medium conditions.
• Outline : wide at tail, stable center, a medium/high wide point and a nose close to that of a longboard.
• Tail : fish diamond nose, wide : Stable, exceptionally fast edge to edge and plenty of rebound power.
• Nose : diamond nose to augment weight bearing capacity and bouyancy on flat water.

Stock Dimensions
• Length : 7’6 = 228,6 cm
• Width : 31″ = 78,8 cm
• Thickness : 4″ 11/16 = 11,9 cm
• Volume : 120 litres
• One foot off nose : 22″ 3/8 = 57 cm
• One foot off tail : 22″ 7/16 = 56,8 cm
• Rocker total : 25,3 cm
• Tail : diamond fish tail.
• Nose : diamond nose.
• Fins : Quad.
• WoodCKFusion Weight : 8,6 kg (weight margins + or – 5%)

Technology WoodCKFusion :
• Board 100% Epoxy over EPS foam : solid and light.
• Deck and Bottom in vaccum sandwiched wood : solid and shock absorbing.
• Deck: 3 layers of Fiber Glass, sandwiched wood, carbon fiber reinforced foot and stress zones.
• Bottom : 2 layers of Fiber Glass, sandwiched wood, reinforced stress zones notably around Fin boxes.
• Rails : Kevlar Belt and a total of 5 layers of xtra wide Fiber Glass the full length of rails.
• Reinforced Boxes : are pre-glued into the high density PVC foam and re-reinforced with Fiber Glass layering.
• Integrated PVC reinforced carry handle: limits and avoids interior damage due to use.
• Preshaped with CNC(computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates, 100% hand finished.
• Hand glossy finish for precise and professional aspect.
• The WoodCKFusion is easily repairable in case of ding damage. It’s light and dynamic with minimal reverberation in the waves.
• It is THE luxury technology at a great price. A superb construction with modern composites.

Included Equipment
• 4 FCS II Glass Flex Fins for Quad mounting.
• 1 central FCS II box, glued into high resistance reinforced HD PVC on the boards longitudinal axis for tri-fin mounting.
• 4 lateral, forward and back, high resistance FCS II boxes,  placed into PVC HD for Quad mounting.
• 3D Function Pad 5 mm :  “Inteligent” deck coating concieved to deliver a different feeling under foot to differentiate zones with comfort and total adherence.
• Leash plug Concrete Fixed at tail to never lose your board.
• Integrated central Carry Handle on the board deck.
• Vent Screw.